Established 1958

Get Started

When you visit Delton Cabinets, our goal is to make your experience comfortable and stress-free

What to Bring:

If you have any of the following, please bring them with you, so that we can help you more efficiently:

  1. Measurements or blue prints of the area in question.
  2. Appliance list and specifications.
  3. Your priorities related to storage and counter space.
  4. Wish list…style, colours, theme. (Bring magazine pictures, etc.)
  5. Rough budget guidelines.

How to Measure: (Sketch and/or take pictures)

An accurate measurement will be required to ensure your cabinetry design fits your space and your needs, measurements will include:

  1. Wall lengths.
  2. Size and location of any windows.
  3. Ceiling height.
  4. Location of heating vents and cold air returns.
  5. Location of all water lines and pipes.
  6. Location of all electrical outlets.

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